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Australia's Top Libertarian Branch

Are you a part of Australia's Top Libertarian Branch?

Throughout the month of June 2024, you can prove your branch is the best in the country and earn the coveted title of Australia's Top Libertarian Branch (2024) as well as an excellent first prize. This page provides all the information you need to participate, including rules, responsibilities, prizes, FAQs, and additional resources. Let's unite, inspire, and grow our community together!


Competition Overview

The Libertarian Party values its branches as the heart of our movement. To celebrate and incentivise the incredible efforts of our branch members, we're launching a friendly competition throughout June 2024.

Starting from June 1st, every new financial member recruited by your branch will count towards your total. The branch with the highest number of new recruits by the end of the month will be crowned "Australia's Top Libertarian Branch."



Grand Prize
Title: Australia's Top Libertarian Branch
Reward: $500 cash prize

Runner-Up Prizes
Second Place: $100 cash prize
Third Place: $100 cash prize

Special Category
Australia's Fastest Growing Libertarian Branch: A $100 cash prize will be awarded to the branch with the highest growth rate, regardless of size. This prize is independent of the main competition, so one branch could theoretically win both categories, but it is unlikely.


How to Participate

Recruit New Members
Encourage new members to join the Libertarian Party through your branch. Ensure they select your branch from the "Referred from branch" drop-down menu on the membership form.

Verify Branch Listing
Check the Join page to verify if your branch is listed in the drop-down menu on financial membership sign-up forms. If your branch is not listed, please pass a request to your division executive to be added to the drop-down menu. They will verify the legitimacy of all branches, and if valid, they should pass on this listing to head office by emailing [email protected] .

Submit Membership Data
To ensure accurate tracking, all competing branches that wish to qualify for the special category prize "Australia's Fastest Growing Libertarian Branch" must send their current membership data to [email protected] within the first week of June 2024.


Get Involved!

Whether your branch wins, every effort helps us build a stronger, more vibrant community of passionate freedom fighters. Let's unite, inspire, and grow the Libertarian movement together. Start recruiting today and make your branch the best in Australia!

Let's get out there and start recruiting!


How are new financial members tracked to a branch?
The membership form on our website includes a "Referred from branch" field. Ensure all new financial members select your branch from this field to be counted in the competition.

What if my branch is not listed?

Contact your division executive to verify your branch's existence and request its addition to the drop-down menu. Email the verified information to [email protected] .

What qualifies as a new financial member?

Only new financial members who have not previously been a financial member of the Libertarian Party within the last three months qualify. The timeline stated is not ironclad, and we will apply a fair margin for members within three months. This restriction is designed to prevent the system from being hampered by converting one financial member to another, thus generating a new member.

Whilst we always appreciate additional support, this activity is designed to reward hard-working branches actively recruiting members to the party and promoting Libertarianism within their local community.

What happens if some of my branch members self-refer to another branch?

This drop-down is only for self-referrals and is used to track performance throughout this giveaway. Some divisions have a preexisting branch field into which to allocate new members.

In situations where a genuine mistake has been made, the affected person must contact the head office at [email protected] to rectify the mistake.

In all other situations, the new member will be credited with a referral from the branch they declared when joining.

Can new branches be added during the competition?

Yes, but branches added during the competition will be disadvantaged as they will have less time to recruit members.

Will branches receive updates on ranking?

Branches should check this page regularly to see if the ranking has changed. This leaderboard is intended to encourage friendly competitive rivalry between branches and should not be taken too seriously.

How will the branch be paid if they win a prize?

Due to varying compliance requirements and the nature of branches as an organisation, the payment of any prize money will be worked out with the relevant division executive.

We will work with your division executive and the winning branches to ensure that the prize money is delivered in the way that is best for the branch and their division.

Can a branch be disqualified?

Yes. We want branches to take this competition seriously, but only as far as friendly competition should go. Any branch that uses tactics that would be devious, underhanded, or go against the spirit of this competition will be disqualified (e.g., Sending negative messages to members of another branch's social media group encouraging them to join their branch OR using incentives to poach members from other branches).

What do I do if I see a branch doing things that could get them disqualified?

All submissions should be made to [email protected], along with evidence of this activity. The head office will then take appropriate action.

Only serious complaints will be addressed.

What happens in the event of a tie?

The prize will be divided equally amongst the qualifying branches.

Let's say we have a tie for the top spot. The number of branches involved will determine how we distribute the prizes. Here's how it works:

If 2 branches tie for first, the first and second prizes will be added together and divided equally amongst the qualifying branches.
If 3 or more branches tie for first, all relevant prizes will be combined and divided equally amongst the qualifying branches.

For ties at 2nd, a similar process will occur: the 2nd and 3rd prizes will be combined and divided equally.

In the case of a 3rd prize tie, only the 3rd prize tie will be divided equally.