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Cook By-Election

Early Voting Begins: Tuesday, 2nd April 2024

By-Election Day: Saturday, 13th April 2024

Vinay Kolhatkar

Say NO to the WOKE Agenda

I am a husband and father of two and have lived in the Cook area for 18 years. I am also an author, a columnist, a podcaster, and the Chief Editor of a public intellectual e-zine, The Savvy Street.

I am a passionate advocate for universal human liberty and its profound impact on happiness, prosperity, and morality. Liberty is easily achievable for everyone, but it is being compromised by politics.

No other political party has both the courage and the insights we do. Vote 1 Libertarian to launch a truth missile to Canberra.

I will speak truth to power on issues that matter.

7 Truths the Liberals Are Too Scared To Speak Up About

Wokeism arose from neo-Marxism with a goal to subvert western civilisation. We must resist the woke attack on family, business, art, education, economics, medicine, history, philosophy, and religion.

The claims of global warming alarmists do not hold up to scrutiny by real scientists and scholars. Yet billions of tax dollars are wasted on repeating this false narrative. We need coal-fired power stations to reduce the cost of electricity and eliminate the risk of future energy shortages.

Quotas based on race and gender are racist and sexist. They also reduce the credibility of deserving minorities and discriminate against true merit. The use of legal force to achieve preordained outcomes in diversity is immoral.

The idea that authorities need to stabilise the economy by adjusting interest rates and budget deficits is nonsensical. History proves that only real capitalism has simultaneously delivered low taxes, zero inflation, and a growing economy.

Politicians continue to infringe upon our freedom of speech. Federal and state "hate speech" laws and regulation will severely curtail open dialogue and reduce the limits of permissible speech.

Anthony Fauci's "noble lies" are typical of arrogant bureaucrats. Australians deserve to know the truth. We want a Royal Commission into the COVID response including vaccine injuries, risky research, and alternative cures. Never again should we be locked down or lied to.

Captain James Cook was a man of science, who "helped pioneer new methods for warding off scurvy". He was praised as "the greatest navigator and explorer of his age". Vandalising his statues is a crime.

Click HERE for supplementary information on each of the 7 truths listed above


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