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Our People

Members of Parliament

David Limbrick

In 2018, David was elected to the Victorian Legislative Council for the South Eastern Metropolitan region.

David is a passionate believer in individual liberty and its ability to create peace and prosperity wherever it is allowed to flourish. David has particular interest in the policy areas of drug law reform, taxation, energy policy and digital rights.

David has previously been a member of the Libertarian State Executive Committee, and has previously served as state president.

Prior to his election, David has spent most of his career working in the field of Business Analytics and Data Warehousing in a variety of industries, most recently as a senior manager in the finance sector.

David holds a Bachelor of Computing from Federation University where he majored in Computing and Physics. David is also conversationally fluent in Japanese, after living in Japan for several years.

David is a father of 3 young boys and enjoys camping and bushwalking in his spare time.

David re-contested for the South Eastern Metropolitan region at the Victoria State Election in 2022 and was successfully re-elected.

You can follow David at:
X: @_davidlimbrick


John Ruddick

John was elected to the NSW Legislative Council in 2023.

His maiden speech to parliament made international headlines when it was banned from YouTube after John questioned Australia's draconian response to Covid-19. Never before in Australian history has a politician's maiden speech to parliament been banned. 

Prior to parliament, John owned a property finance business based on Sydney’s North Shore. 

John is an avid reader, a student of history, and often contributes to Spectator Australia and Sky News Australia. In 2018 he wrote a book titled, Make the Liberal Party Great Again but joined the Liberal Democrats (Libertarian Party) during the Liberal Party’s overreaction to COVID.

You can follow John at:
X: @JohnRuddick2
TNT Radio: Every Thursday 

Federal Executive


State Executives

Follow these links for information on our state executives:


Federal Committees


Coordinate party marketing and media engagement, run federal campaigns, and assist with state and local campaigns.

Director: Craig Proudley [email protected] 
ACT: Josh U.
Victor Tey [email protected]
QLD: TBC (please contact [email protected])
SA: Ben Cove / Stephan Fotopoulos
VIC: Stephen Paton (Deputy chair, [email protected])
TBC (please contact [email protected])
Appointed: Rick Westgarth [email protected]
Appointed: Eloise Williams
Federal President:
Anthony Bull [email protected]


Dealing with issues of law, governance, finances, the party constitution, and compliance.

Director: Jonathan Hoyle [email protected]
Party Agent: Jordan Dittloff [email protected]
Registered Officer:
Rob McCathie [email protected]
Federal President: Anthony Bull [email protected]
Tom Pinson (non-voting member)


Coordinate party membership, internal communications, manage and train volunteers, and branch development.

Director: Anthony Bull
Deputy: Carla Smith
Membership Officer:
Chloe Glasson [email protected]
Systems Administrator: Rob McCathie  [email protected]
Trevor Simpson
NSW: Rick Westgarth [email protected]
QLD: Simon G.
SA: Joel Hocknell
WA: TBC (please contact [email protected])
Appointed: Gary Biggs
Appointed: Anthony C.


Develop and update party policies and foster informed policy discussion throughout the party.

Director: Rob Cribb
Deputy:  Jordan Dittloff
NSW: Mark Hornshaw
QLD: Ashley McCallum
SA: Ben Cove
VIC: Pietro Angeli
TBC (please contact [email protected])


This includes the President of each party division, plus key advisors, and is tasked with considering the big issues about party direction, branding & principles.

Federal President: Anthony Bull [email protected]
NSW: Ross Cameron [email protected]
QLD: Richard Davies [email protected]
SA: Joel Hocknell [email protected]
VIC: Trevor Smith [email protected]
WA: Jake McCoull [email protected]