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Freedom Manifesto

Australia is in peril.

Typically when a nation faces a grave challenge it is because of international tension or an economic slump. The national trial we face is caused by a failure of political leadership. Our state and federal leaders from both major parties have proven themselves inept.

We will overcome this challenge and do so with strength, but we need real leadership.

Australia had the world’s fastest growing economy in the 20th century. Over the past decade however the major parties have abandoned the economic principles which delivered so much success. They still talk about low taxes and balanced budgets but in practice have become reform sloths.

Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.

Ronald Reagan, 20 January 1981

Their extraordinary over-reaction to COVID has only magnified our accumulating economic woes. In the name of ‘zero-COVID’ we have doubled an already dangerously high commonwealth debt. Misplaced COVID hysteria has violated what many assumed were inviolable civil liberties. When citizens fear the police more than the virus, we have a crisis. We are now internationally infamous for going further down this dark COVID path than any other nation.

Australian federal politics needs a radical jolt.

The Libertarians have advocated for citizen-trusting, freedom-loving and small government policies since 2001. We aim to cultivate a society of peace and prosperity based on individual freedom, personal responsibility, private property rights and voluntary association. This Freedom Manifesto outlines our priorities for the coming federal election.

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