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Our Principles

The principles of the Libertarian Party are laid out in section 2 of the party's constitution.

The Libertarian Party is a political party that stands for individual liberty, free markets and small government.

It regards government as the principal threat to these values and therefore seeks to reduce its intrusion into our lives to the lowest level possible consistent with the preservation of a civilised society.

It aims to restore to individuals the right to make their own choices and to accept responsibility for their consequences, on the basis that they make better decisions than government.

The following Principles represent its enduring values.

Economic Principles

  • Free markets and freedom of choice
  • Small government, low taxation, limited government spending and regulation
  • Widespread ownership of private property

Social Principles

  • Civil society and voluntarism
  • Civil liberties and individual freedom
  • Individual liberty and personal responsibility under the rule of law

Government Principles

  • Constitutional liberal democracy
  • Ethical and impartial government under the rule of law
  • Devolution of power including decentralised government and competitive federalism

International Principles

  • Free trade in goods, services and capital
  • Free trade in ideas and culture
  • Freedom and human rights


Learn more about our party's policies here.