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Chrysten Abraham

BY-ELECTION DATE: Saturday, March 2nd.
Pre-poll begins Monday February 19th.

When asked why I've put my hand up as a candidate, I often respond with a question of my own: Aren't you tired?

Tired of politicians who don't truly represent you? Tired of a world and economy seemingly in perpetual decline? Tired of having to choose between bad and worse in our politics?

I'm tired too. In fact, I once asked my partner Hayden if he ever felt destined for more, I said to him I want to be the change I want to see in the world, and to represent everyday Australians. His response was simple: 'Well, do something about it then.'

So, here I am – an everyday Australian. I've experienced the challenges of growing up in a low to middle-income household, struggling through university on a diet of mi goreng, and facing the daunting reality of Australia's housing market. I've even questioned whether our fur-baby Lacey is the only kind of baby we should have. We are in a country burdened by debt, soaring living costs, and government making laws to control and censor us.

I want a future where my children can thrive unburdened by millions or billions in debt, where their voices matter, and where they can hold politicians accountable.

Like you, I believe in this country, in Victoria, and in the people of Dunkley making the right choice this election.

With your support, we can send a powerful message to the major parties – that the LIBERTARIANS ARE COMING.

Stephen Paton
0408 807 959
[email protected]

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