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Federal Election Campaign - Day 14

As the second week of campaigning draws to a close, we recap the week that was, including first contact with the mainstream media...

On Tuesday my candidacy was discussed in the Geelong Advertiser, syndicated in the Herald Sun, and then on Wednesday the Colac Herald also covered the story.

My past being raised was inevitable, and it is unsurprising that it was first raised in the communities closest to the harms my actions caused before 2015.

However both articles were extremely fair and balanced in their reporting, and provided a good opportunity for readers to decide how they felt about my candidacy for themselves.

I also continued my touring of the party's branches, with Tuesday seeing a visit to the North metro branch, while Wednesday I met with the Ballarat Branch.

Finally, this week saw us call for the abolition of the E-Safety Commission, and a rejection of censorship of content that might cause distress to adults.

E-Safety is officially bipartisan policy in Australia.


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