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Victorian Senate Candidate

Jordan Dittloff

Learn more about Jordan and his past media appearances and articles at his personal website.

Something is wrong in Victoria, and across our whole country. We need change.

This election is about bringing a commonsense approach, offering new solutions where old ones clearly aren’t working.

It’s about holding the Labor / Liberal / Greens establishment to account.

This election is an opportunity to say no to elites and globalists.

It’s about electing a Senator who will stand up for Victorians, and fight for your right to build a better life for yourself - a Senator who will fight for your freedom of speech, freedom from censorship, and your ability to live your life, your way, without government interference.

For the first time in living memory, Australians are worse off than their parents.

For me and many like me, buying a home and providing for my family feels more and more out of reach.

Thanks to inflation and rising taxes, we’re working harder, but have less to show for it.

New housing approvals and builds can’t keep up with unsustainable migration quotas.

Australia has abundant natural resources, and yet we face ever-rising energy prices and the uncertainty of an unstable power grid.

Everyday Australians are facing real problems, from the anxiety felt at the supermarket checkout, to the anxiety felt in long lines to inspect rental properties. Real issues are eroding our quality of life and making our future less certain. Meanwhile the current political class seem preoccupied with expensive virtue signals to special interest groups.

Libertarians have a positive vision for our country’s future, and plan to address these problems head on.

A Libertarian balance of power in the Senate will ensure the establishment parties have no choice but to listen.

The Libertarian Party cares about people, and we trust them to do the right thing for themselves, their families, and the community.

We will make sure that whichever major party forms government is held to account, and protect your freedom to live your life free from interference.

We will work with other parties on the crossbench where there are shared values, to hold the government to account and block or modify bad laws.

If you want a Senator you can trust to do the right thing every time, not just when it is easy, you should vote 1 Libertarian at this election.

Sam Ikin
0419 682 098
[email protected]



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