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Federal Election Campaign - Day 4

Three years ago, I was only a few months into my law degree. At that time, I did not believe there was any realistic chance of actually practising as a lawyer...

One of the earliest subjects in legal studies relates to admission to practice, and the fit and proper person test. 

Like many laypeople, I started my study of the law assuming that my criminal record would prevent me from ever being admitted. 

The truth, however, was much more nuanced and surprisingly open minded when considering the question of rehabilitation.

I met many mentors - legal practitioners and academics alike - who encouraged me and urged me to broaden my participation to extracurricular mooting activities to develop my advocacy skills.

The very first such competition I participated in was the Witness Examination Competition - which I entered and won with my teammate Emma, despite neither of us having done any procedural law subjects!

That night was the first moment I could imagine one day being admitted to practice, and working as a lawyer. I am now working hard as a law graduate in a boutique civil litigation firm, with my admission coming up before the end of the year!

It will be a significant hurdle to overcome, but I know that I have done everything possible in the circumstances to be worthy to be admitted to practice. 

Just as importantly, I have learnt a lot about myself, the law and policy!

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