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Federal Election Campaign - Day 3

After a successful byelection outcome in Cook of 5.9% on Saturday night, my campaign was publicly announced...

Today the campaign got going in earnest with posts across facebook, twitter, and instagram announcing my endorsement. These posts were met with a predictably outraged response from "Anti-cooker" trolls, who gladly boosted the announcement and fed the algorithm allowing wider circulation.

Later in the morning a 20 minute interview with David Limbrick was shared to facebook and instagram, which saw us discussing my past, our respective journeys to libertarianism, and some federal policy areas we might be able to cooperate on.

Finally I participated in an interview with Leo Puglisi from 6News, about my past, the kind of campaign we wanted to run, and minor party politics at the last election and today. This interview will be circulated in the coming days.

The week ahead will see us begin the process of travelling to branches to energise and activate the grassroots membership, and another exciting surprise I cant wait to share!

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